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The Challenge...

Whether your journey into establishing a software Quality Assurance (QA) capability is just starting or if you are looking to move up the Software Maturity Model, Trust IV can help.

It’s hard to know when you are starting out, what's the correct approach for you to take to build a QA capability. There are a lot of resources available, but many of them contradict each other or are very subjective on a preferred method. If you are Agile or Lean, you'll want a different approach to a traditional Waterfall or V-model approach to testing.

If you have a testing shop, you may be at the point where you need to shake the cobwebs out of your current practices and put a future proof framework in place.

You might be looking for a trusted service to take the QA out of your organisation and provide you with a measurable set of deliverables, for a predictable cost, all with the added value of being independent from your in-house political and reporting structure that can often limit the freedom of information and ability to get things done.

The Solution...

Trust IV has years of experience building CoE for clients, and we understand that a service needs to be designed to not only meet the needs today, but have the foundations to scale up to match the strategic vision of your business. We can deliver this for you, in-house on your sites, or remotely in the UK integrating into your organisation, processes and systems.

Services range from strategy and policy building to getting the CoE plan correct, mentoring and skill development, to a fully managed service.

Drawing on Trust IV’s many years experience in mentoring in-house teams and servicing client’s QA needs, we can provide or build the CoE you need.


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